Heal your relationship with food

Say "goodbye" to fad diets, feeling restricted and struggling with food.  Instead, let's focus on intuitive eating and addressing the underlying behaviours that have caused your unhealthy relationship with food, and make changes for life.

Let's ditch the diet shame...

Gone are the days when restricting obsessing over food was the way to lose weight. We know so much better now and fad diets just aren't the way to go. Experts understand that in fact, "dieting" can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health, creating a host of problems that are then handed down to younger generations.

Get Empowered

The Real Food Freedom program is all about helping you to feel more empowered so that you naturally make better, more informed decisions about the way you nourish your body. Learn to embrace your body and all it provides you.

Stop the Starvation

When you constantly restrict yourself, you set yourself up for failure. Not only does your body hang on to the weight because it's frightened about not being fed, but this behaviour almost always leads to inner rebellion and binge eating.

Address the Cause

Other programs miss out on an important piece of the puzzle as they address the behaviours (what you eat), without tackling the underlying cause (why you eat). We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as Tapping, to target what's happening beneath the surface. Your subconscious mind is a powerful thing!

Functional Nutrition

At Real Food Freedom, we're not about throwing all your junk food out as a sign of commitment. What a waste! Instead, we teach you the benefits of clean eating and functional nutrition concepts so that you can make real, lasting changes to the types of food you put into your body. We're all about lasting change over quick wins!

Why choose Real Food Freedom?

I feel so much more comfortable and confident working with Mel, knowing that she has had her own struggles with food. I think a lot of practitioners in the nutrition space can be unrelatable but Mel really gets it.


Mel has had her own struggles with food and her weight. In fact, that's how she started her business in the first place - she studied nutrition and EFT to help herself, and then decided to use her knowledge to help others! 


Lots of programs are about calorie counting, restricting yourself and sticking to a strict diet. Real Food Freedom is different. We practice functional nutrition, intuitive eating and address the cause of the behaviour first. 


This isn't the kind of program where you're forced to get on the scales every day and report back to a higher power. We're more focused on how you feel, than what the scales say! 


What you learn in Real Food Freedom are skills that you will use forever. This isn't a diet - it's a whole mindset shift. And you'll want to refer back to your learnings and maybe even share them with your loved ones!


Real Food Freedom

Lifetime Access to the Program

This isn't one of these situations where you have to keep paying to access the content. At Real Food Freedom, you pay once and you get access to the program as long as it is active! 

Access to Future Program Updates

Any updates that are made to the program in future will be available to you at no extra cost. Mel is committed to making sure that Real Food Freedom offers the latest information and she believes you shouldn't have to pay again to receive it!

New additions Intuitive Fasting and Seed Cycling

Real Food Freedom takes a bold step forward with the inclusion of Intuitive Fasting and Seed Cycling. Intuitive Fasting provides a profound framework to sync your eating patterns with your body's natural rhythms, while Seed Cycling introduces a dynamic approach to harmonizing hormones and achieving balance.


What our gorgeous clients are saying

Working with Melissa over the last month has been most transformative, concentrated and emotionally maturing. EFT is a beautiful & potent healing technique & Melissa is a wonderful teacher. Her experience in EFT was very evident from my first appointment. Professional, non-judgemental and knowing what questions to ask when tapping made each of my sessions productive.


Even accomodating me being disabled by having our sessions by Zoom.

I have benefited from my sessions and highly recommend Functional Health


I have done several sessions of tapping with Melissa and she is wonderful! The beliefs I have worked through, and the decrease in pain for chronic conditions has been life changing. I’ve even been able to do tapping on behalf of my daughter which has been helpful too. I’d highly recommend Melissa. Such a kind person too, very relatable, funny and a beautiful soul.


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Learn more about the principles of Real Food Freedom in this FREE 15 page ebook. The concepts are simple, actionable and will lay the foundations for you to make lasting change when it comes to your relationships with food and your body. 

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  • LIFE TIME ACCESS: 8 Modules including Guided EFT Tapping Videos to support you with learning and implementing principles of Functional Nutrition and EFT Tapping
  • Worksheets, checklists, templates and other resources to help you to create and maintain new, healthy habits
  • NEWLY ADDED - Seed Cycling for hormone balance and Intuitive Fasting for weight management

7 Days
Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, you find that the Real Food Freedom program isn't for you, we'll provide you a 7 day money back guarantee. Just send an email to info@functionalhealthcanberra.com.au explaining why the program isn't suited to your situation and we will process your refund within 7 days. 

About Mel

Melissa Kovacevic is the host of Real Food Freedom and is a Functional Nutrition and Clinical EFT Practitioner and Founder of The Seed Cycle.

Mel helps people break free from the diet cycle, cultivate a positive relationship with food and achieve their weight loss goals long term through this course. Her approach is gentle, warm and uplifting.

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