Real Food Freedom

Revitalize Your Hormones, Reclaim Food Freedom, Renew Your Story! Real Food Freedom is a comprehensive online program designed to support you in changing your relationship with food and reclaim your health.

Combining functional nutrition, the philosophy of Vitalism and the powerful healing modality of EFT Tapping, Real Food Freedom addresses the cause of your eating behaviours. You will re-learn how to make empowered decisions about WHAT and HOW you eat, revitalize your hormones and transform your life!

About Your Teacher, Melissa Kovacevic

Melissa Kovacevic is the host of Real Food Freedom and is a Functional Nutrition and Clinical EFT Practitioner and the founder of the incredible Australian first seed cycling solution, The Seed Cycle.  Mel has helped hundreds of people break free from the diet cycle, cultivate a positive relationship with food, balance their hormones naturally and achieve their weight loss goals long term through this course. Her approach is gentle, warm and uplifting.

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