Melissa Kovacevic

I am the founder of Functional Health Canberra, a Functional Nutrition Coach and Clinical EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I  am passionate about helping people break free from the never-ending diet cycle and reach their health and weight loss goals once and for all.

With the ever-growing list of fad diets, as well as industry lead marketing and advertising, nutrition has become more overwhelming and confusing than ever. Combined with the stress and pressure of our fast-paced, modern world, patterns of emotional eating and negative food habits are hard to avoid.

I understand the confusion and frustration surrounding food and weight loss all too well. After years of failed diets resulting in emotional eating and a negative relationship with food, I took an interest in nutrition and health as a way to end my personal struggles. I no longer look at food as the enemy but rather a way to care and nourish my body.

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