About Real Food Freedom

Real Food Freedom, crafted by Melissa Kovacevic, Founder of The Seed Cycle is more than just an online program – it's a game-changing approach to reshaping your relationship with food and unlocking the path to wellness. Mel, a seasoned expert in Functional Nutrition and Clinical EFT, recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that extended beyond her one-on-one consultations. But Mel's mission runs deeper – it's about supporting individuals, particularly women, and providing the blueprint she wished she had during her personal struggles with food, body image, and weight loss.

Diving into the program's essence, Real Food Freedom bridges Functional Nutrition and EFT Tapping into a seamless approach that underpins lasting transformation. As Mel underscores, traditional diets often miss the mark by merely addressing the surface without delving into the reasons behind eating behaviors. Such diets can breed disordered eating patterns and rarely provide enduring results. Real Food Freedom shatters this mold. 

Real Food Freedom was born.

It's founded on Functional Nutrition, a holistic way of eating that promotes health without shunning food groups or advocating deprivation. Clients thrive within this approach, as they transition towards viewing and consuming food as a source of both sustenance and pleasure.

Complementing Functional Nutrition is EFT Tapping – a potent technique that targets the root causes of behaviors. By dismantling limiting beliefs, mitigating stress, and reshaping emotional responses, EFT Tapping equips clients to comprehend why they eat and gravitate toward certain foods. It empowers them to develop alternative means of managing emotions without resorting to eating.

Real Food Freedom isn't just a program; it's an embodiment of Mel's commitment to guide you toward empowered choices, hormonal balance, and a revitalized life. Are you ready to be the next success story?

About Mel Kovacevic

Melissa Kovacevic, known as Mel, is a qualified Functional Nutrition and Clinical EFT Practitioner. Mel began studying in these fields over 10 years ago, whilst looking for solutions to her own issues with emotional eating and weight management. After changing her relationship with food, shedding the excess weight and becoming more confident in her skin, Mel knew she had to share these gifts with other people.

Mel started her business, Functional Health Canberra, and began working with clients on a one-to-one basis, before creating Real Food Freedom to serve a broader audience. Mel lives in Canberra, Australia, with her husband, Luka and two children. Mel is also the co-founder of The Seed Cycle, a business that promotes seed cycling for natural hormone balance and provides pre-packaged seeds and bake mixes to make the process easier to manage.