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Do you need to heal your relationship with food and your body?

Our Nutrition and EFT Tapping program will show you exactly how. 

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We kept finding out clients shared many struggles with food and emotional eating. ​

For this reason, we have developed the Tap into Food Freedom Program.

We have combined our skills & knowledge with the most updated evidence to give you the tools and support to reach your physical and mental health goals long-term. ​

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Want to learn more about EFT Tapping?


Nutrition Meal Portion Plate

Science-based Nutrition Education

Combination of Dietetics and Functional Nutrition

Guided EFT Tapping Sessions

A combination of video and audio tapping sessions

One-on-one 60 minute EFT Tapping Session

Choose to work with Melissa or Renee both Clinical EFT Practitioner (Valued at $150)

Access Online via Desktop, Ipad or Smartphone

Lifetime access with the most up to date articles, information and tools.

Workbooks & Tapping Exercises

Each module has its own guided workbooks and tapping exercises, these will set you up for success​

Coaching, motivation and so much more!

Lifetime access to our private Facebook community

program money back guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love our program or start it and it’s not the right fit for you, at any time over the course of the program you can email us and request a full money refund.

We will refund 100% of the cost with no questions asked.


Better than a Diet
Find out why ditching diets for good is your first step towards ultimate health. Our tapping video will walk you through how to set & achieve the goals and intentions you truly desire.
Movement & Mindset
Get clear what is stopping you from exercising & how to move in a way you love. Why sleep can impact what you eat & what you can do about it. Learn the skills of mindful & intuitive eating.
A Closer Look Inside
Get clear on the science about the gut & what is in your food. We simplify how to minimise your toxic load. Learn how to take the guilt out of eating.
Nourish your Body
Discover how people who are 100 & thriving are eating. Get our step by step process HOW to nourish your body. Get access to our video to tap away food cravings.
Love your Body Healthy
We show you how to accept your body right now. Tap with us on to get confident with your body now. Understand WHY you emotionally eat & what you can do about it.
Reset & Rewire
This module will set you up with lots of tapping to remove all the reasons why you self-sabotage, those sneaky gains you get from holding onto weight & how to rewire those deep core beliefs.

What people are saying...

I have done several sessions of tapping with Melissa and she is wonderful! The beliefs I have worked through, and the decrease in pain for chronic conditions has been life changing. I've even been able to do tapping on behalf of my daughter which has been helpful too. I'd highly recommend Melissa. Such a kind person too, very relatable, funny and a beautiful soul.
Virginia, Canberra
Working through the modules and tapping exercises over the last month has been most transformative experience. EFT is a beautiful healing technique and the girls wonderful teachers.
Kylie, Sydney
If you are serious about change and ready to try something a little different, give this program a go. Highly recommended!
Julie, Canberra

Gain the knowledge through science-based nutrition education.
Finally put an end to food restriction and instead eat to THRIVE!


Mel is a Nutrition Coach and Renee is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist.  We are both Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping) Practitioners to create lasting changes with our clients.  We are here to help you take steps towards healing your relationship with food and your body.

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