Real Food Freedom eCourse

31 students

“When you start to heal your relationship with food and your body it has a flow on to all areas of your life” – Melissa Kovacevic


I found that my clients shared many struggles with food and emotional eating.

For this reason, I have developed the Real Freedom Program eCourse.

I have combined my knowledge with the most updated evidence to give you the tools and support to reach your physical and mental health goals, long-term.

The course is a mix of nutrition education, intuitive and mindful eating practices. You will learn how to use EFT Tapping, a powerful healing tool.

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Course Overview:

Learn how to tap away food cravings

Feel IN CONTROL of what you eat

Gain knowledge so you can eat to THRIVE

Look in the mirror and find peace and ACCEPTANCE with what you see

What’s Included:

Pre-recorded weekly tapping exercises

Supportive online Messenger group

Monthly live coaching calls

Simple nutrition tips you can implement immediately

Weekly articles and video content

Bonus modules


program money back guarantee

100% refund within 30 days if you start the Real Food Freedom eCourse and find it is not the right fit for you.