Frequently Asked Questions

This program is perfect for people new to tapping as well as those with loads of experience! In Module 1 I explain what tapping is and guide you through your first tapping experience. If you are new to tapping you can think of it as acupuncture without the needles. Clinical EFT Tapping is evidence based, to learn more about the science behind tapping click here.

The programs are about so much more than weight loss. This is a good thing because 95-97% of people who go on a diet do not sustain the weight loss and 66% actually gain weight. 

We want you to reach your physical and mental health goals long-term and the combination of Nutrition Education and EFT Tapping we provide is designed so you can achieve this. 

Our focus is assisting you to achieve a healthier relationship with food and your body. This starts from accepting yourself as you are right now.  When you heal your relationship with food and your body, you will may lose weight by removing the blocks that have caused the weight gain.  

The program includes 6 Modules and each of these are broken down into 2 Topics. Each Topic has information and insights that are a combination of science and my personal experience. There are tapping videos and audios to compliment the written articles. 

You will also find a recourse list with book, podcast and reading recommendations. 

 You have lifetime access to the e-Course. You can do the modules as slow or as fast as you want, it is self paced. You will get access to all 6 Modules when you sign up. You will also get access to the monthly group coaching sessions. 

The group coaching sessions with be recorded so you can watch the replay and tap along to the guided tapping session. 

You will have access to our Facebook Messenger community, a safe space where you can post any questions you have. We would love you to do this as people are likely to have the same question. You can also email me privately at 

I will happily refund you your money no questions asked. 

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